10 reasons why you’ll like Tim Ferriss’ new book Tribe of Mentors

Tim Ferriss just came out with another book called Tribe of Mentors which is full of short life advice from the best in the world. 

The format is pretty easy to read. Each chapter is an interview with people such as Ben Stiller, Arianna Huffington, Terry Crews, and many more. 

You’ll be able to just read a few pages here and there and still get a lot out of it. 

Tim Ferriss claims that this book is different than his previous book Tools of Titans, where 90% of the material is based on his podcasts, while 90% of Tribe of Mentors has never appeared on the podcast. 

While some people may still have doubt on whether to get his book, we have compiled 10 reasons why you’ll like Tribe of Mentors:

1. Simple Clarity

Simple clarity, a theme that runs throughout ‘Tribe of Mentors’, a theme that Tim Ferriss holds onto dearly.  He likes things to be straight to the point, no BS and no fluff.  This constant theme is a motivator, to give the reader as much beneficial information and experience so that you too can focus on the clarity throughout the aspects of your own life.

2. Overcoming Fear

Tim Ferriss is a perfect example of someone who has overcome obstacles that have been placed in their way purposefully to make them want to give up.  When Ferriss was getting ready to publish his second book, it was rejected 37 times by publishers.  That staggering number is something that would break many, but by remembering how important persistence is, you will get a response you’ve been looking for.  Whether it happened on the 25th time or the 50th, it doesn’t matter.  The only thing that matters is that you kept trying and that kind of willpower is something you can easily find in between these pages.

3. Getting Through College

If you’re young, in school, and trying to find your way in life, this is the piece of literature you should always have with you.  Tim Ferriss has curated these interviews from successful people all over the world in the hopes that you will be able to clearly see the routine of successful people. Not so you can just copy, but so you can find that own sense of self-assurance when flipping through this book.  This book is the perfect tool to help you find that direction you’ve been seeking.

4. Business Direction

Just like this novel will help you get through the throws of college, you’ll also be able to benefit from this tool throughout your career journey as well.  There is no one too young or old that will not benefit from this impactful piece of literature.  Tim Ferriss has undoubtedly gone over years of experience when it has come to his own career and the career of others, he’s researched, dug, and persisted until he finally came up with a way to communicate those findings with the people who have been searching for the same thing.  This novel has been a key turning point in many individual’s careers, especially for those who are lost with a blurry future.

5. Reassessing Priorities

A current theme in all of Tim Ferriss’ work is the importance of really understanding what is important during your day and what activities are just filler, which ends up wasting time, effort, and money.  When reading this work, you’ll realize how vast improvements in your life can be from simply reassessing your priorities, short term and long term.  The pages and pages of interviews are the driving force behind the hundreds of successful individuals around the world, they will push you in the same motivational way.

6. Personal Relationships

Even though Tim Ferriss has been known for his grasp of the business world and the average individual in a career setting, you might be surprised to know that a huge influence in his work surrounds the element of personal relationships.  The relationships we all have in our lives and how they play a very important role in every other aspect of your life.  When reading this book, not only will you learn about your career and your future, but you’ll also learn to balance and enjoy the journey for what it is as well.

7. Refocus Your Future

The purpose behind the Tribe Of Mentors book didn’t just come out of thin air, it was born due to its need.  The tool it now is, is the exact tool that Tim Ferriss needed to expand within his own career and life.  By refocusing your goals, you’re finding simple ways that you can now reach the same goals, but with a little bit of wiggle room.  Ferriss developed this book so he could also have a guide into the right direction.  By him sharing this knowledge you will have a good idea of what that direction should be in your own life.

8. Brilliant People

Tim Ferriss reached out to pages and pages of individuals, big influencers, small creators, known billionaires, and the faces behind giant hedge funds.  Literally anyone and everyone who he’s ever wanted to speak to, everyone he’s ever wanted to call a mentor.  He spoke to these brilliant people to not only give the reader an inside look of the minds of success, but also because he wanted to know these personal and telling answers.  This book is filled with bright minds and by exploring these pages, you’ll see the routines, patterns and ideas behind some of the most amazing people in the world.  How can that not be on your reading list?

9. Dealing With Denial

When Tim Ferriss send out hundreds of emails to these potential mentors, he expected to not get that many interested responses because of their busy schedules.  But he got a mixed amount, a wide range of different responses.  He did get denied, he got denied many times, but that did not stop him from pursuing this very daunting task.  That same kind of persistence will help you reach your goals as well, which is exactly why this series of interviews will change your life as you know it.

10. The White Whale

Don’t set limits for yourself.  When you put yourself in a box, you’ll find that you’re making your own personal path to success contain just one more obstacle, one that you created yourself.  By overcoming denial, you will no longer have to put those walls up.  Just like how Tim Ferriss reached out to all of those inspiring people, ten pages worth of individuals that he wanted to talk to, and did he limit his list? No, he even reached out to his “white whale” Neil Gaiman!  Is it guaranteed he would get an email back from any of those people on that list, no, but that didn’t stop his mission. This novel will give you insight on the key ways you can tear those useless walls down because that’s how you start moving forward.

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