10 Ways To Instantly Feel More Motivated

It can be quite difficult to get started on the work you have planned, in fact, any aspect of life can be difficult to cope with when it comes to mustering up enough motivation to complete a task.  We’ve curated the top ten tips to help you take action against procrastination and the habit of “just doing it later”.

We’ll be going over all the most helpful ways to feel motivated and actually accomplish the goals you set out for yourself.

10 Ways to start your motivation

1. Start Small

Start as small as possible.  When you sit down and look over your schedule and see a massive list of tasks ahead, it can become overwhelming and difficult to know where to even begin.  Take one thing at a time and start small.  Focus only on that task and when you complete what you set out to do, start again on the second.

2. Write It Out

Take time to rewrite your schedule.  Sometimes when you have a list of tasks all jumbled up and not in the order that you would realistically complete them, it can easily be an instant motivator and peace of mind if you take 10 minutes to rewrite the schedule in a more organized way.  If your order your to-do list in the order you will complete your tasks throughout the day, you’ll have a more natural flow.

3. Build On Success

Even if you have more tasks to complete throughout the day, if you accomplish something or even just finish a task, you should take a moment to embrace that sense of success.  Build on your success and accomplishments so you can feel motivated to continue with what you have ahead.

4. Find Inspiration

Find inspiration everywhere around you.  Get out of the office on your lunch break, take a moment to walk and enjoy the outdoors, or even take a morning jog to feel energized before heading into the office.  Anything can give you the feeling of inspiration and when you feel inspired you’ll feel motivated to keep that momentum up throughout the rest of the day.  Take a moment to really discover what inspires you and gets you excited to accomplish whatever you have to in your life.

5. Ask For Help

It’s never too late to reach out for much needed support no matter what you’re going through.  Whether that means that you reach out to coworkers, your boss, or close friends and family.  If you feel like you need help, just ask.  Once you finally ask someone for support you’ll feel motivated and encouraged to take on the tasks in front of you. Don’t feel ashamed to reach out to the people around you, you would be surprised just how often this can encourage you to push yourself with the support of those close to you backing you up.

6. Talk About Your Goals

This will help push you into committing, when you tell someone your goal or even posting about it on social media, you’re letting others hold you accountable. You’ll feel like you need to keep your word and you’ll feel motivated to work towards those mentioned goals.  We usually never like looking bad in front of people we care about, which is why even the smallest mention could potentially be a great source of motivation for you throughout the day.  Take the time to write something out on social media in the morning so you can get focused and start working as early as possible.

7. Imagine How You Will Feel

Instead of thinking about how hard a task will be, switch up your perspective and instead imagine how great you will feel when you finish something.  That in itself is an accomplishment.  When you think of the feeling of achievement, take that and use it to motivate.  Use that endgame feeling to reach the finish line so you can continue to focus on what you need to do.

8. Immerse Yourself In Your Community

When you’re surrounded by people who are heavily involved in what you’re interested in or aspects that play a role in your career, you’ll instantly want to keep up with the competition in a healthy way.  Immersing yourself in your community is a perfect way to feel motivated and reach your goals that have been set out.  Start going to job events at your office or even pick some classes at the local college that fall into your career field. 

9. Take Care Of Yourself

By putting your health in the forefront of your priorities, you’ll instantly see that your life will change almost completely.  When you start working out and eating clean, you’ll find that you have a clearer mind, more focus, and more energy to put towards whatever you want to.  This kind of natural drive will come forth and give you that little bit of extra motivation you’ve been missing.

10. Plan Ahead

Don’t put off anything.  When you think about something, jot it down.  If you think of a task you need to accomplish tomorrow, organize it in your todo list in an organized way so you don’t become overwhelmed.  Keep your plans organized, don’t just scrawl a ton of notes and tell yourself that you’ll deal with it later.  Plan ahead so you can be one step ahead of everyone else.  This in itself will motivate you since it will be easier to just get started when you want to.

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