7 Most Splendid Jets Reigning in the Sky

We can’t fully understand sense of ‘Time is money’ till we see these millionaires trying to make their flights faster and more comfortable. They go further and further spending millions on customization, so they get flying palaces in the end. And they seem to be quite satisfied. It reminds an absurd race and one needs a budget of a small country to take part.

Bombardier BD-700
Cost: $45 Million
Owner: Bill Gates
You’ll see below that Bill Gates is a modest man comparing to the superjets of other moguls.

Boeing 747-81VIP
Cost: $80 Million
Owner: Joseph Lau
The Dreamliner is owned by an investor from Hong Kong. This example of the Asian style can carry more than 100 passengers, if it’s commercialized, but Mr. Lau prefers to fly alone.

Boeing 575
Cost: $100 Million
Owner: Donald Trump
Personal customization made this plane cost so much. You’ll never miss it, because of the surname on the side.

Boeing 767-33A/ER
Cost: $150 Million
Owner: Roman Abramovich
Russian businessman bought with 300-seat plane to transport his won football team, so the jet is mostly known as a Chelsea FC plane.

Boeing 474-400
Cost: $220 Million
Owner: Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal

This is a real flying palace with a dining table for 14 persons and a throne for the pronce. Don’t forget about two bedrooms.

Boeing 747-430
Cost: $230 Million
Owner: Sultan of Brunei


The interior among other mind-blowing things is decorated with high quality gold.

Airbus A380
Cost: $500 Million

Owner: Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal
You’ll laugh, but this jet belongs to the same Prince. And a throne is installed too. It took about 100 million to turn it into the most expensive private plane in history. Who’s Xzibit now?

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