The Benefits of Using a Standing Desk After 1 Year

Who said standing desks doesn’t have any benefits?

Well, let me tell you, it does.

And this is what Andy Ramage, the co-founder of Aalpha Energy and OneYearNoBeer, noticed after 1 year of using a standing desk (I believe this would be a universal thing):

1. Your back won’t hurt anymore.

Its no doubt that a lot of your back pains can be caused from prolonged sitting. Andy noticed that his back started feeling better after just 2 weeks of using a standing desk.

2. You’ll feel much more productive.

Sitting down equals slouching. You know what I’m talking about. Everyone does it. If you’re not slouching, you’re working more efficiently and effectively. You’ll definitely notice your productivity increasing when you’re standing up.

3. You don’t need that much desk space.

You may be discouraged because some standing desks require a lot of space, but you’ll start noticing that you won’t really need that much space to begin with. If you can’t find a suitable dimension, there are DIY options that you can look into. Here’s a good step by step DIY article on building a standing desk.

4. You’ll be on the move all day, burning extra calories.

Take a look at the book ‘The first 20 minutes’. This book discusses the science on exercising better, and Andy explained how the standing desk helps with burning off the extra calories:

I discovered that your body likes to protect its current weight. So if you ramp up your levels of exercise your body will want to either rest or eat more in an attempt to balance calories and maintain weight. This is why, initially, it’s hard to drop weight and keep it there. But the good news is once you do – your body will fight to stay at this lighter weight. Reynolds went on to explain that when standing you burn stealth calories that your body does not go looking for. This inspired me to get my standing desk and you can almost feel those extra calories dropping off.

5. You’ll get used to it.

Like anything that you do consistently, once you’ve done it a few times, your body will soon adjust to the standing desk.

6. You’ll remove your chair.

You probably think that you’re going to need a chair for your breaks, well you might at first, but soon enough, you’ll get used to the standing desk and your chair will no longer be needed. If you still can’t get over the comfort of a chair, try looking into a stool.

7. Your body will feel stronger.

Because your body has been adjusted to standing up, you won’t feel as lazy anymore, and your body will feel much stronger, with tons of extra vitality, and fewer aches and pains.

8. If your work only provided you one, you’ll invest in one for yourself.

If you don’t think you’ll ever need one at home, well once you start loving a standing desk, you’ll eventually invest in one for the home. Desk Advisor provides a good list of the top standing desks, if you’re ever in the market.

9. You’ll have more energy.

Since you’re on the move most of the time, your energy will increase. When you’re slouching, or half a sleep, your energy level drops (and your motivation along with it). But standing up forces you to move around, and motivation increases.

10. You’ll inspire others.

With all the benefits you’ve acquired, your coworkers will take notice, and they too will get inspired by your choice of using a standing desk. Energy levels increase, productivity increases, and less pain equals less complaints.

Andy’s Takeaway

You’ll feel more productive, burn extra calories, feel stronger and healthier, have more energy and motivation.

Its not that hard to convert, and if you’re concern with money, try the DIY option.

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