Keegan Michael Key Net Worth: Actor, Comedian, and Producer

Keegan Michael Key is an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer from Michigan. Keegan is known for the Comedy Central show “Key & Peele.”

Early and Personal Life of Keegan Michael Key

Keegan Michael Key was born on March 22, 1971, in Southfield, Michigan. His biological parents are Leroy and Carrie Herr.

Keegan was adopted by Michael Key and Patricia Walsh. The couple were social workers.

Keegan went to the University of Detroit Mercy and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with theater as his major.

Keegan married Cynthia Blaise, a dialect coach, in 1998. However, they were separated in 2015, and by 2017, their divorce was finalized.

Keegan then married Elisa Pugliese, a producer and director, in 2018.

Keegan Michael Key Net Worth and Career Path to Stardom

Keegan started his career when he joined Mad TV. He became a cast member from 2004 to 2009.

Keegan was initially placed against Jordan Peele since FOX wanted one black cast member. However, the two were chosen for the show because they showed great chemistry as a comedic duo.

In 2012, Keegan and former Mad TV castmate Jordan Peele starred in their own comedy sketch series “Key and Peele.”

Keegan was also a great host for the shows “The Planet’s Funniest Animals” and “Game On!” He is currently hosting the science show “Brain Games” on the National Geographic channel.

Keegan had supporting roles in the movies “Pitch Perfect 2” and “Don’t Think Twice.” In 2016, Keegan and Jordan produced and starred in “Keanu,” an action-comedy movie.

Keegan is also a talented voice actor and has lent his voice on numerous animated films such as “The Lego Movie,” “Hotel Transylvania 2,” “The Angry Birds Movie,” “The Lion King,” and “Toy Story 4.”

In 2015, Keegan made an appearance at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. He portrayed the fictional character Luther, President Brack Obama’s anger translator.

In 2017, Keegan made his debut in Broadway when he joined the cast of “Meteor Shower.”

Keegan is also the founder of improv comedy groups The 313 and Planet Ant.

As of 2020, Keegan Michael Key net worth is estimated to be about $8 million.


  • Mad TV (2004)
  • Key and Peele (TV show, 2012)
  • President Barack Obama’s “Anger Translator” (2015)
  • Keanu (Movie, 2016)
  • The Lion King (Movie, 2019)

Favorite Quotes

“A poet can feel free, in my estimation, to write a poem for himself. Or a painter can paint a painting for himself. You can write a short story for yourself. But for me, comedy by its nature is communal. If other people don’t get it, I’m not sure why you are doing it.” – Keegan Michael Key

“You hold precious what you create for yourself in your life that makes your comfortable.” – Keegan Michael Key

“The audience loves to figure things out. They love it when a performer leaves a trail of bread crumbs for them, and they get to participate in the comedy.” – Keegan Michael Key

“Surprise is not humor. I think that there can be a fine line ther.” – Keegan Michael Key

Three Lessons from Keegan Michael Key

After learning about Keegan Michael Key net worth, his early life, and his career to becoming a comedian actor, here are his lessons that we can all learn from.

Learn to delegate

In the show “Key and Peele,” Keegan does not only star in it, but he is also a creator, producer, and writer for the show. To be able to manage all the tasks involved, Keegan delegates some work to people he trusts.

Keegan believes that it is important to have people around you that can be trusted than having all the power and making all the decisions. This is why it is important to hire the right personnel.

Go with the flow

When asked on an interview with Penn State University on how he handles fame, Keegan replied that he welcomes it since it is part of the job – so might as well embrace it.

Because you could not be an actor without being recognizable in public. It is a significant change in your life, and it is something that you have to get used to as a celebrity.

Keegan thinks it is essential to interact with people – some can be an inspiration for a new character.

Humor should be inclusive

Keegan acknowledges that what could be funny for some people in one area would not be funny for others. He always makes it a point to produce skits and jokes that would be inclusive, meaning everyone would find funny.

Keegan believes that comedy is communal. It is something that should be shared and appreciated. If you focus on just one area, then you will only have one type of audience who loves you.


Keegan is best known for his Comedy Central series with Jordan Peele, “Key and Peele.” He is also known as a longtime cast member of Mad TV.

As of 2020, Keegan has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

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