Ronald Slim Williams Net Worth: American Businessman and Producer

Ronald Slim Williams net worth is estimated to be around $170 million. Slim is an American businessman and producer known as the co-founder of Cash Money, the record label. He also served as the executive producer for almost every album produced by Cash Money.

In 2009, Slim and his brother, Birdman, were featured in “Newbos: The Rise of Americas New Black Overclass” of CNBC.

Personal Life

Ronald “Slim” Williams was born on May 23, 1964, in New Orleans, with the full name Ronald Jay Williams.

Slim has a brother, Bryan “Birdman” Williams, who later became his business partner when they founded Cash Money.

Their mother died when Slim was just nine years old. They were raised by their father, who ran a local grocery store. Their father was the one who taught them to run a business and how to do it with a solid work ethic.

Unfortunately, their father was only able to see the beginnings of Cash Money Records as he passed away in 1995. However, his teachings turned out to be valuable to his sons as Slim and Birdman created one of the biggest records company in the industry.

Football player Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis is Slim’s son.


Slim and Birdman founded Cash Money Records in 1991. They started the business with money loaned to them by their father.

Slim never pursued a career as a rapper or desired to be in front of the cameras. He was more of a behind-the-scenes leader who had little public exposure.

Slim was tall and had a gangster fashion style, but he also gave out a calm vibe. He was a powerful, elusive, and mysterious figure in the rap music industry. He was called “The Godfather” because of that.

In 1998, Cash Money Records made a $30 million deal with Universal Music Group.

Cash Money Records has been home to several rap artists that have found immense success, such as Nikki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyga, and Bow Wow.

Slim also has a clothing line called YMCMB, which stood for Young Money Cash Money Billionaires.

Slim also owns a liquor brand called GT Vodka.

In 2009, Slim and Birdman were featured in the TV show “Newbos: The Rise of America’s New Black Overclass,” which is CNBC’s documentary that profiles a few black multi-millionaires.

In 2012, Slim made headlines when he bought the largest house in South Florida for $7.15 million, which he paid in cash. The property was in an ultra-exclusive community in Fort Lauderdale.

As of 2020, Slim has an estimated net worth of $170 million.


  • Co-founded Cash Money Records (1991)
  • $30 Million deal with Universal (1998)

Favorite Quotes

“I’m like electricity. You can’t see it but you know when you stick your hand in the socket.” – Ronald Slim Williams

“My dad was working so much to make sure we had everything that he never really had the time to spend with us. I used to go and work with my dad, help clean up, and he showed me how he ran his little business. He wanted us to be our own entrepreneurs. So I learned how to handle the money, the books.” – Ronald Slim Williams

“We asked them not to look at the competition, but believe that ‘you are bringing the competition.’ They ran like they were used to being in a big meet.” – Ronald Slim Williams

“It sounds like a pretty simple idea. But it hadn’t been done before. Listening to what our customers needed to force us to innovate and ultimately develop new products.” – Ronald Slim Williams

Lessons from Ronald Slim Williams

After learning about Ronald Slim Williams’ early life, career and his net worth, here are some great lessons we think you can take away.

Privacy is bliss

Slim is one of the most influential people in the music industry, yet there is so little known about him. Working behind the scenes has given Slim the benefit of being able to maintain his privacy. While his brother and business partner did all the socializing and most of the interviews, his insistence on being away from the limelight has turned him into a mysterious figure that everyone respected. Like him, you can be successful without wanting fame.

Recognize good deals

Slim showed wisdom when Cash Money Records made a business deal with the Universal Music Group. The deal was worth $30 million. From 1998 till now, the two still have a good business relationship and have been thriving together. If you own a business, be extra cautious with who you are dealing with. When you make deals with the right people, you will make your business bigger and grow together.

It pays to give back

Slim and his brother often give back to the community through different charities. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Cash Money Records paid the rent for June for all residents living in low-income housing in New Orleans, one of the struggling cities.


Ronald Slim Williams is a producer and entrepreneur. Slim is the co-founder of the famous rap label, Cash Money Records. As of 2020, Slim has an estimated net worth of $170 million.

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