Tai Lopez Net Worth

What is Tai Lopez’s current net worth?

Net Worth: $60 Million
Age: 43 years old
Born: April 11, 1977
Country of Origin: United States
Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur and Investor
Last Updated: 2020

Does your ideal successful life look like a lovely sunset view from your mansion, different luxury cars for every mood, or maybe more than 1 billion online followers? For the multi-million business influencer and philanthropist, Tai Lopez, success and life fulfillment is much more than all of that.

If you’re wondering what Tai Lopez’s net worth is or how he has become a sensational motivation speaker icon, he shared a preview of what it’s like to be on the top from rags to riches. We all want to achieve greatness. The hardest question though, is “What will it take?” Find out here as we tackle Tai’s secret principles towards reaching your personal success.

Early Life Before Wealth

Far from his picture-perfect life now, you can imagine Tai as a young teen in Long Beach, California, who has never been at peace with the harsh gang activities around his home. His father was in prison while growing up and was raised by his single mom. People around him expected no good from him. But by the age of 16, he braved through the odds with his first simple principle – by reading.

He enriched his knowledge with Nicomachean Ethics and Aristotle’s readings, which allowed him to envision the meaning of the “Good Life.” When Tai asked his grandfather, a scientist, on how to achieve it, he answered that all the answers could not be found in one person. He must find a handful of people in his life who will point him in the right way. And true enough, that’s what Tai did.

Tai Lopez Career Before Net Worth

As a college dropout with only $48 in his pocket, he slept on a couch and took his chances by applying at the largest ad he saw in the newspaper. Upon talking to the CEO, he offered to work for free in exchange for being his mentor about finance and business.

Eventually, the CEO agreed, and Tai got to master his skills with different business endeavors. With his wit and perseverance, he then kickstarted his journey towards the “Good Life” mindset.

After years of hard work in the finance industry, Tai became a Certified Financial Planner. He gritted through every opportunity by becoming an investor and mentor. Now, his success secrets allow him to be the advisor of over 20 multi-million dollar businesses.

Would you believe that he garnered millions of followers after posting an inspiring video? In his globally-viral video, “Here in My Garage,” he talked about the importance of knowledge over materialistic things in life. From then, he was able to conduct a TED talk in 2015 and millions of subscriptions for his “67 Steps Program”.

Tai’s domination in social media and the finance industry continues to be unstoppable with his life-changing principles. Ready to apply his steps to success in your life as well? Check them out!

As of 2020, Tai Lopez’s net worth is to estimated at $60 million.

Favorite Quotes from Tai Lopez

“There will be a day soon when you have to make your big move. When that day comes, be bold.” – Tai Lopez

“Divide up your life. Spend 33% of your time around people lower than you, you can mentor them. Spend 33% of your time with people that are on your level – your friends and peers. Spend 33% of your time with people that are 10/20 years ahead of you. Those are your mentors.” – Tai Lopez

“Rules of negotiation: let others air their opinions first to understand their values so you can see what to negotiate on.” – Tai Lopez

“Don’t let procrastination kill your hopes and dreams.” – Tai Lopez

“It’s one thing to know thyself. It’s a more difficult thing to follow that knowledge.” – Tai Lopez

“Remember that your brain isn’t built for happiness. It’s built for survival. Happiness is something you have to create after-the-fact.” – Tai Lopez

“Whenever I feel like whining, I remind myself ‘Wake up Tai, this world doesn’t owe you anything.'” – Tai Lopez

Looking for more quotes? Check out a collection of wise words from Tai Lopez.

Pieces of Advice from Tai Lopez

The Profound Power of Books

For Lopez, you can’t persevere in life without being invested in books. Rather than viewing them as sources of education or entertainment, you gain more wisdom by treating books as mentors. You’ll be amazed at what you can pick up from their widely available autobiographies and published studies.

Listen to the authors’ outputs as real persons and copy their trails of success. Whether you’re into Aristotle or Bill Gates, live up to their habits and diversify your beliefs with different perspectives towards your goals. Imagine that with just a few dollars at your expense; you will be enlightened with their priceless ideas and life lessons.

Read Books Several Times

So, how do you start integrating books as your life mentor? Just get to know them like you would with a friend. Tai says that the key is to engage with books as much as you can. Read them with intent at different stages in your life. Reading a book at the age of 20 and rereading it at 30 will provide you a different light of valuable insights.

According to Tai, he highly suggests sticking to 150 books that you can repeat reading over and over again. To help you come up with a list, click here to see the top book recommendations that he lives by.

Read One Book A Week

If you’re like Tai, who values time over anything, his secret to maximizing every second is by carefully planning the frequency and the content of the books he reads. He shares that he practices reading one book a day. However, one book a week is already ideal for achieving your success.

You can also practice this habit easier by learning to evaluate which best parts of the book are worthy of reading. Tai notes that smart-reading is based on the quality of the book. He first reads the front and the end of the book to pick the best sections that are most valuable. From there, you’ll save time while absorbing the key insights to help you with your life and career.

Embrace The Process Of Doing Difficult Things

Do you tend to give up when the going gets hard? Tai shares that mastering your patience during hard times will pave your way to growth. Hard circumstances in our life are there for a purpose. Staying in your comfort zone won’t push you to build your empire of greatness.

Be it with career, success, or even just reading, he believes that sacrificing luxuries is essential for future benefits. One routine that helped him practice this principle is sparing 10 minutes a day in the morning to focus on reading.

Over time, you will notice how more natural it becomes to schedule difficult but helpful habits in your life. You have to practice your brain to endure daily tasks, just like you would schedule an exercise routine.

5 Steps To Success from Tai Lopez

After learning about Tai Lopez’s net worth and career, here are 5 steps to success that you can learn from him:

Take Risks

Hone your entrepreneurial edge while you are young. Tai started practicing this belief at the age of 6. He helped his mother earn more by converting her ineffective cherry tomatoes business into a lemonade stand with ten times more inflow.

He noted that while you are still young, you have more time and freedom to take risks with finances. As we grow older, there are more responsibilities to consider. In his experience, it’s wise to jump into brave business ideas so you can focus your whole attention on it without limits.

Achieve A Lifestyle-Focused Mindset

Tai insists that the road to being successful is a solid overview of the lifestyle you want, and working on it in reverse through hustle. The power of reverse thinking will help you plan the steps needed for you to get to your ideal life.

Looking back, he saw the importance of traveling and meeting new people. He gets to expand his personal brand by engaging with intellectual minds. On a side note, he never forgot to have his daily dose of adventure to enjoy life fully. It’s all about the balance of a strong mentality to manifest the life that you desire.

Have A Daily Brain Budget

If you frequently feel burnout, Lopez has the perfect answer to your dilemma. He has a theory that we need to evaluate how much input you need daily to boost your growth. A “daily brain budget” means time allocated to improve your skills and harness your weaknesses. He believes that with the wide availability of learning materials online, it’s impossible not to learn one good thing a day. Inspiration stems from your pursuit to learn and invest for long term benefits. Whichever industry you want to excel in, you just have to look around for resources to feed your brain with knowledge. Tai personally explores self-help books, success stories books, and motivational stories online.

Test, Optimize, Then Repeat

Did you know that Tai’s viral Youtube video won’t be successful as it is now if he didn’t test several recording sessions and versions first? His life success wasn’t made overnight but with endless improvements as well. He took one good idea and put lots of effort to turn it to perfection.

Just like with entrepreneurship, he shares that one must strive for success amidst failures. His grandfather once told him that doing a thing once is luck, while twice is a skill. He had to master his learnings to make it a profitable skill for his life success.

Build A Brand At What You’re Good At

As of 2020, Tai Lopez’s net worth is a whopping $60 Million. He garnered millions of followers globally because of his unique personal brand. How did he do it? Well, it took him years of great connection and trust from the people around him.

He explains that it’s not all about promoting yourself but highlighting your individuality strategically. Build your brand according to who you really are, and your audience will easily realize your worth. Stray away from cliches, and do you.

Key Takeaways

The pathway towards life fulfillment is not a linear line. Tai proved that getting there requires a consistent thirst for knowledge, grit, and a positive mindset. We hope that this article helped you to get inspired to acquire a “Good Life.” At the end of the day, Tai made sure to let you know that if he was able to do it, so can you.

As of 2020, Tai Lopez’s net worth is to estimated at $60 million.

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